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One to One Theravision.

Working with others can be rewarding but also hard and challenging.

NAOS supports professionals in understanding their personal processes and triggers. We also believe that your personal life can impact your professional work and vice-verse.

We provide a safe space for professionals to share issues at work or home, explore the relationship with the children and young people in their care and talk through team or organisational dynamics with a non-judgemental, objective perspective.

Supporting and caring for you means a stronger team and organisation which ultimately means we hold and support the clients we work with better.

Group Reflective Practice.

Working well as a team is fundamental to supporting our clients.

Group reflective practice provides a safe and holding container for teams to process their day to day work collectively.

The space allows teams to build a truly transparent and supportive way of working collectively and allows voices to be heard and conflicts to be worked through by experienced facilitators with a non-judgement and objective perspective.


NAOS offer bespoke training designed to meet the specific needs of organisations, teams or individuals.
Training is interactive, experiential and designed to encourage participants to start to think about themselves and in relation to their work and colleagues. Our training covers a range of topics, which are understandably varied given the personalisation of our packages.

Recent training has included days on:

  • Understanding the impact of trauma and adverse childhood experiences on the developing child.
  • Attachment, building relationships, which support personal development and promote independence.
  • Working as a trauma informed organisation
  • Dealing with challenging behaviours yours and others
  • Team building, communication and collective decision-making.
  • Therapeutic key working –enhanced communication skills.
  • Responding to an emotional crisis – attunement and empathy
  • Vicarious Trauma – the importance of self support, peer support and stress management

Psychological Thinking Around The Child.

At NAOS, we view challenging behaviour in the context of emotional hurt. Children and young people that have experienced significant trauma often feel challenged day to day and therefore can present with difficulties.

We deliver workshops specifically for individuals or teams to think psychologically and clinically around the childs behaviour, ways of relating to self and others, the dynamic and projections that may be being played out and ways of skilling the team into thinking therapeutically around the child.

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